Tips from Boux Avenue to help you decide what clothes to take on holiday


What Clothes to Take on Holiday

Preparing for a trip is exciting, but deciding what clothes to take on holiday can be a headache! Overpacking, underpacking, re-packing again and again, only to finally open your suitcase at your destination and wonder “what on earth was I thinking!?”.  To help you take the hassle out of packing for your next vacation, here are some handy tips to help you decide which clothes make the cut.

Write it Down!

 Make a list of your “must-haves” (items you absolutely can’t live without) and “maybes” (items you’re not 100% sure about). This will help you to prioritise what you most want to take with and will keep you on track while you pack. 
It’s also useful to find out how much weight you’re allowed to carry on your flight, so you can keep this in mind when putting together your list.

Mix and Match

Shoes are heavy and take up space, so choose wisely! Pack shoes that will go with a variety of outfits, like heels in black or neutral shades. Wear comfortable trainers on the plane, and include at least one pair of sandals if it’s a beach holiday. 

The same goes for jeans - choose a pair that will go with a few different outfits. Cropped trousers, cute flairs or culottes are lighter and easier to pack, so don’t include more than one pair of jeans in your holiday capsule collection. 

Pack pieces that will take you effortlessly from one holiday activity to the next. A flowing beach dress will look just as lovely in the evening at the bar if you add a couple of blingy accessories. And a cute satin cami is great for nightwear, but also perfect for a casual-chic dinner.

Don't let deciding what to take on holiday become a headache. Boux Avenue shows how easy it is to pack a mix and match wardrobe

Think 'Capsule' Wardrobe'

Rather than picking out your clothing items individually, think about the looks you want to create for each day and activity. Can you work with that classic little white dress (LWD, people), to dress it up for dinner or down for the beach? Create a holiday capsule wardrobe by choosing pieces that will complement each other and can easily be mixed and matched.    

Smart and Sultry Secrets

Pack a few bra accessories for those tricky dresses and tops where you might not be able to wear a regular bra or bikini. Nipple petals and tape are your best friends for sheer and backless numbers - plus they take up very little space and weigh practically nothing. Psst… don’t forget a lingerie wash bag to protect your delicates.  

Something Special

If there’s a statement piece you’ve been saving for a special occasion - like a beautiful evening gown or a cute new bikini - now is the time to break it out! Pack at least one special “luxury” item you’ve been dying to wear and make sure you find an occasion to wear it.

When deciding what clothes to take on holiday, think capsule wardrobe! Boux Avenue shows a mixture of clothes that are easy to pack for holiday.

Pack Smart to Save Space

Rolling your clothes (instead of folding them) saves space and allows you to pack more. Plus, it prevents creasing. Store your delicate items like underwear and swimsuits in garment bags and place them on top of the heavier items.

Wear Your 'Extras'

If you have a heavy jumper, wear it on your flight rather than trying to squash it into your suitcase. Wear your jewellery and accessories on the flight or be sure to store them safely in a small evening bag to avoid losing them. 

Maximum Swimsuit Magic

Bikinis are small and lightweight, so pack a few cute numbers and make the most of the “mix and match” method to create a whole range of looks for the beach, the pool or that big summer festival. 
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