Your sports style based on your star sign title

With 2020 firmly behind us, we’ve never been happier to see in a New Year! 2021 is a fresh start for us to reset and recharge our bodies and minds - Our latest Boux Sport range is designed to empower and encourage you to do just that! Get active and workout in a way that works for you; whether that’s taking virtual post-work fitness classes, or doing a little yoga alone, in your lunch hour. Just for a little fun we’ve put together our own Boux activewear guide based on your star sign! From power dressing fire signs to grounded, neutral Earth signs, there’s something for everyone.

Aquarius - Judo

With Aquarians being analytical, objective and independent, a sport fit for the Aquarian woman would be Judo; as their observant and assertive traits are well suited to the sport requiring both concentration and reactive movement. Become a martial arts Queen in the Ribbed seamless crop top in steel blue.


Pisces –Synchronized swimming

Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, the Pisces woman is known for her laidback, emotional, and creative character traits. An ideal sport activity for the insightful sign is synchronized swimming (due to water being the Pisces’ element). Having the ability to connect with yourself and others, as well as having an open mind makes swimming work in perfect harmony with this star sign. Get in sync in the Textured panel crop top in cobalt blue

Aries – Track and field

With an adventurous personality, uncomplicated attitude and ruled by the planet Mars, track and field activities are a well suited range of sports, perfect for this signs character traits! This fire sign is a confident and competitive leader that encompasses passion, determination and enjoys winning! Get active and move effortlessly around the track in the Boux Sport marl running jacket in grey.


Taurus - Netball

Famous for their stubborn nature, the Taurean woman has a strong opinion and is not one to be pushed into a corner. Requiring both strength and natural team player abilities, netball is a perfect match for the sign! These skills paired with the grounded personality of the Taurus make this sport and star sign match a no-brainer. Score style points on the court in the Textured panel crop top in black.


Gemini - Gymnastics

The social butterflies of the zodiac, the expressive Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Balance, core strength and flexibility are basic key skills required for any gymnast, and with this signs ability to adapt to situations merged with their fun and lively personality, this sport syncs perfectly with Gemini traits. Stretch it out in the Full length marl leggings in charcoal.

Cancer - Swimming

Ruled by the moon, and best known for their loyalty and emotionally aware nature, this water sign represented by the crab suits the sport of swimming. Essentials for this sport include being naturally comfortable within the element of water, and durability. Warm up before diving in with the Ribbed seamless long sleeve crop top in steel blue

Leo - Rounders

Rounders is perfect for the spirited fire sign, playful and outgoing attitude! This fiery sign is ruled by the sun, which encourages their spontaneity, and optimism. Leo’s natural ability to socialise and light up a room works well with the vital team-playing traits needed in the sport. Score a home run in the Textured panel ⅞ leggings .

Virgo - Tennis

The Virgo woman holds a practical, loyal, and systematic approach to life. Ruled by Mercury, (the planet of communication), paired with being a perfectionist at heart, the sport of Tennis is perfectly suited to this sign. Coordination and forward thinking needed for the sport come easy to the sign who always has the bigger picture in mind. Ace your sporting style in the Boux Sport marl crop top in grey.


Libra – Track Cycling

Represented by scales, Libra is the most charming of the air signs and a perfect match for the sport of track cycling. Known for their harmonious attitude and balanced approach to situations, this sign’s traits blend well with the balance skills required for the sport. Train in the Textured panel cycling shorts.

Scorpio – High Diving

The dominating Scorpio knows exactly what they want. The powerful and passionate water sign is most associated with intensity, and assertiveness. Intense focus and nerve are key for success within the sport of high diving, which is well suited to the Scorpion woman who enjoys being leader of the pack. Style dominance is assured in the Textured panel 7/8 leggings in cobalt.


Sagittarius - Surfing

Born to explore, the open minded Sagittarius is one of the most daring signs in the zodiac. Always seeking thrill and adventure, the sport of surfing ticks all the signs boxes. Their love of being outdoors paired with their independent attitude makes the outgoing and endurance skills required for surfing a breeze! Prepare to take to the waters in the Textured panel long sleeve crop top.

Capricorn - Boxing

The Earth sign is driven, ambitious and persistent. Determined to show other people what they’re made of, this attitude makes the Capricorn woman most suited to the sport of Boxing. The sport is perfect for those that love both endurance and discipline. Train in the Ribbed seamless leggings in burgundy for a knockout style.