how often should you change your pyjamas


You know how often to wash your hair, face, and makeup brushes, but when it comes to our sleep health, that’s where some of us gals are falling down. In fact, some women are waiting far too long to wash their pyjamas, which is a hugeeeee no-no.

We’ve all got our fave pyjama set (just TRY and take our Marnie lace top and short set away), but that’s no excuse to go a few extra days without washing them! So how many days can you get away with before having to wash your pyjamas? Read on below to find out… it might just shock you. 

how often to change pyjamas


Pyjamas are the only intimates we wear multiple times before washing them (you wouldn’t wear the same knickers day after day, would you?), but the warm bedroom environment and close contact with the skin can make them a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross.

why is it important to wash your pyjamas

In fact, not washing your pyjamas often enough can actually irritate your skin.

We have never run towards our washing machine faster.

But it’s not just for hygiene reasons – it’s important to wash your pyjamas frequently (always check the care guide and wash accordingly!) so that you can extend your collection and go shopping for some brand-new (and SUPER cute) PJs. Whilst you probs don’t need a new set for every day of the week – how often should you be changing your pyjamas?


We’re probably all guilty of wearing our PJs for a few nights too long, but you might be surprised at how often you should actually be changing your pyjamas.

Boux experts recommend changing your PJs after three to four nights (although you can go a few days extra if you shower before bed!). 

how many days should you wear your pjs for

We’d suggest choosing three or four cute pyjama sets to have on rotation and save you from having to put yet another load of washing on.

If you prefer your PJs to be light and breezy, then you can’t go wrong with the gorj Leopard satin revere and short set as seen on the beaut Lucy. 

But if you just love to be warm and cosy, then our Pink Gingham PJs in a bag are a must-have option in your pyjama wardrobe especially as we get into the autumn months! 


If you’re thinking you might need to update your PJ collection after the bombshell we’ve just dropped (sorry about that…), we’ve got you covered with some of our fave pyjama styles. 


If you’re someone who gets hot in the night, then tee and shorts sets are the perf style for you. 

Even though we’re heading into winter, our You’re No.1 crop top and short set is still one of our firm faves. The super cute high-waisted shorts and crop top will keep you looking and feeling cool all night long. They’re a must-have in any PJ collection. 

different types of pyjamas

Another style we are obsessed with is our Stripe waffle cropped vest and shorts set, as seen on our gorj gal Lucy, The Boux branded elastic will give you a bit of extra support, whilst the frill hem and button detailing keep you looking super stylish – even if there’s nobody around to see them! 


Stylish and sexy, cami pyjama sets are another must-have in any collection. Perf for holidays or warmer nights, they will add an extra bit of sass to your nightwear.

cami pyjama set

We are low-key OBSESSED with the beaut Leopard frill cami and short set. Super comfy and so much fun, this is one set that is sure to make a statement. 

But if you’re looking to go all-out, then our vibrant Harlie lace cami set should be your go-to. With sheer lace cups and open back detailing, this set is sure to turn heads…


Everyone loves our PJs in a bag. With so many cute styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perf style for you.

pyjamas in a bag

For those who like to take a walk on the wild side, our Giraffe print shortie set is the ideal choice and is sure to add a little bit of fun to your nightwear! 

Or if you’re looking for something to keep you warm all winter long, then our beaut Burgundy check set should be your go-to. Sophisticated and cosy, we can guarantee you’ll be missing this set when it’s in the wash!


For those really cold winter nights, you’re gonna want to get your hands on some long sleeve pyjama sets.  

long sleeve pyjamas

Our Star print Henley set is another firm-favourite here at Boux. Not only is it SO warm and cosy, but the cute star design adds an extra fun element to your nighttime routine. We are totally starry-eyed over it (sorry, had to!).  

Or you can keep it super sophisticated with our gorj Marnie satin and lace set like our girl Courtney. The satin material will feel so luxurious as you sleep, whilst the lace cuff adds a feminine touch to the look. We’re almost sorry to tell you to wash them after four days…

No matter what style of pyjamas you prefer, we’ve got everything you could ever want (and more!) here at Boux. Keep an eye on our Insta for our latest nightwear drops and tag us in your fave looks using #MyBoux.

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