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Whether you embraced the no bra life during lockdown, or you’ve been sporting your fave bra throughout the pandemic – chances are that your bra wardrobe might need an update! There are so many things which can influence how your bra fits, from the age of the bra to the style, so you might not be the same size in every design! 

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Whilst you might be reluctant to give your lingerie drawer a complete refresh, wearing the wrong size bra won’t do you any favours. However, a well-fitting bra will enhance your shape, fill you with confidence and give you that all-important support you and your gals need. 

If you think you might be wearing the wrong size, you’re not alone. We’ve done some digging and found out just how many women are wearing the wrong bra size – and it might just shock you!


are you wearing the wrong bra size

We couldn’t believe it either. Less than 20% of women are wearing the right size bra – with a whopping 81% wearing the wrong size! 

Whilst we thought people would be wearing bras too small for them, it turns out that the majority of women are actually wearing bras that are a cup size too big!  Gaping cups all round.


We get it – we’ve been living in a pandemic for the best part of 18 months, so measuring your bra size is probably the last thing on your mind. However, you should be getting measured every 6-12 months to ensure you’re wearing the right fit and style for you. 

how often to measure your bra size

We’d always advise getting measured by a professional, as they can not only advise you on the correct size, but what style will suit your shape and figure too. 

For example, triangle bras may not be as suitable for those with larger boobs, they’re perf for those with a smaller cup size. Plunge bras, on the other hand, will give big boobs that lift and support they need. 

However, if you’re not too keen on the thought of someone else measuring you, we’ve got a handy bra fit guide to help you measure yourself in the comfort of your own home. We’ve got your back, girl! 

Why Do Bra Sizes Change?

Just like with your clothing, your bra size can change frequently too, which is why it’s important to get measured so often. But why do bra sizes change?

why do bra sizes change

Some of the most common reasons for a change in bra size include:

    Weight loss or gain – gaining or losing just a few pounds can have an impact on your bra size as your boobs are made from fat tissue, so it’s important to get measured with any significant changes in weight.

   Hormones – your boobs can change size throughout your cycle due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone. Whilst we’re not suggesting you get measured every month, it might be worth having a TOTM bra for when your boobs are feeling extra-full. 

    Age – your age can have a huge impact on your appearance. Grey hairs and fine lines would be the most obvious changes, but your boobs can change with age too – especially when you’re nearing menopause. Might be a scary thought, but defo one to think about… 

•    Exercise – if you’ve just started out on a new fitness regime, you might be surprised to see changes in your boobs! Exercises that work your chest and back can have an impact on your bra size, so defo get fitted once you start seeing those gains.

    Birth control – it’s no secret that hormonal birth control can have an impact on your bra size! Many women notice that their boobs increase in size when starting on a new type of birth control, so it’s always worth getting measured when you make any changes.

So whether you’re obsessed with super-comfy bralettes, or you like to undress to impress in silhouette-boosting padded bras, getting the fit right is key to comfort, shape and – most importantly – boob health! You wanna look after your assets, girl!

Once you’ve found your fit, explore all the latest styles at Boux Avenue and treat yourself to the best-fitting bra you’ve ever had! Keep up with us on Insta for all the latest drops and tag us in your pics using #MyBoux. 

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