We love suspenders, stockings, harnesses and everything in between. As we edge closer to the season of romance (hello, Valentine’s Day), there’s no better time to embrace the allure these sexy lingerie pieces provide. 

Matching lingerie sets are a key look when it comes to Valentine’s lingerie, but we know that suspenders and stockings can sometimes appear a little mystifying to a first-time wearer. So, if you are wondering how to attach suspenders to stockings without breaking a sweat, we have broken the process down into a simple step-by-step guide to wearing suspenders here… 


Step 1: Wearing your co-ordinating bra and knickers, simply fasten the matching suspender belt around your waist using the most comfortable hook. 

Step 2: Where do the straps go? Easy! If the suspender belt is plain, the advice is always to run the straps under your knickers. If the suspender belt features extra detailing such as embroidery, then run the straps over the knickers so the embroideries are fully on show.

Step 3: Next, while sitting down, roll your stocking or hold-ups on and up from the toes. Scrunching the material first will help to avoid ladders caused by excess tugging. 

Step 4: Open the clips of the suspender straps. Slide the rubberised back of the clip underneath the stocking. The metal and rubber will now be over the top of the stocking.  

Step 5: Push the rubber circle through the top of the clip, taking the stocking material with you as you do. Now slide the rubberised circle down to the narrow end of the clip to secure it. 

Step 6: Repeat steps four and five for each suspender strap until they are all securely attached to your hosiery. 

Note: As hold-ups have an integrated thigh grip, the thicker material requires a firmer push during step five. With everything from playful Neon pink plain top hold-ups to decorative Floral spot top hold-ups, we promise they’re worth the extra effort.


The suspender belt is not only a genius way to hold up your stockings, it’s also one of the most flattering items of lingerie we know!

The starring item in a three-piece lingerie set, this (typically lace-adorned) garment sits on your hips to accentuate your waist, while the straps effectively elongate the look of your legs.

Some of our favourite suspenders include the 3D floral Eladie suspender belt, paired with its sensual sheer co-ordinating Eladie balconette bra and strappy Eladie briefs - we recommend attaching them to a pair of Red plain top hold-ups.  

We’ve recently launched some of our most elegant hosiery to date in the form of traditional stockings without a hold-up band, so go all-in with a suspender belt. Our Flocked floral stockings are divine and pair beautifully with the floral lace of the Mollie suspender.



Hold-ups do precisely what they say! They’re stockings with a silicone band around the top that ensures that, once they’re on, they stay up at the top of your thigh. This gives you added versatility to wear them either with or without a suspender belt, whilst traditional stockings rely on the suspender straps to hold them in place.

That said, we hope you’ve been inspired to explore the captivating power of a suspender belt. You can wear them with any of your favourite hold-ups or stockings from our matching sets and harness lingerie ranges. Now you know how easy they are to wear and how great they look, upgrade your next date night outfit and gift yourself lingerie with a stunning suspender belt 

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