Bright Lingerie Sets

Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body produces it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. Also known as a chemical messenger, dopamine is involved in reward, motivation, memory, and attention. 

But what does this have to do with clothes and lingerie? Well, in basic terms - it’s the science behind why choosing colourful clothing cheers us up, how specific colours impact mood and why neutrals aren’t always the answer.

When dopamine is released in large amounts, it gives us feelings of pleasure, making us want to repeat certain behaviours (ahem, shopping) over and over again.  

Associating our colourful clothes with happiness becomes a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy in this way - it’s a mindful approach to dressing, which starts with your bras and knickers!

Dopamine dressing instructs us to put our all-black looks down, and, instead, consciously reach for brighter garments when we get dressed in the morning. Instantly boost your mood and colour your way to happiness by choosing just a few vibrant pieces. 

Whether it’s outerwear or underwear, one bold item or a full rainbow ‘fit, brighten up your day using sartorial means only.


Who doesn’t get a little boost when they put a matching set on? Pink, purple, yellow, green - whatever your preference, skin type or body shape - we guarantee you’ll feel better about your day knowing your fave thong likely glows in the dark.  

You might have seen the resurgence of hot pink over summer ‘22. The wildly successful cerise collection of Maison Valentino, and the irresistible opportunity to live out our inner child’s Barbie fantasy this afforded shows that the shade isn’t going to be watered down anytime soon.  We are collectively leaning in to choosing bright colours when we dress, embracing dopamine dressing. 

Dopamine dressing doesn’t discriminate on the colour wheel. Every bright shade, every type of garment, one at a time or all at once - go bright to boost your mood and radiate joy. 


Colour theory is not a fixed thing - each individual will naturally associate some colours with happiness and others with sadness. Of course, there are some common associations - to feel blue, to go green with envy, and so on - but generally speaking, bright colour can be relied upon to bring a smile to even the most reluctant face. 

To successfully dopamine dress, pick your favourite colour. Whichever colour makes you happiest is the key to successful dopamine dressing. 

Mollie Bras

Every good outfit begins with a bra and a knicker. Go for the Mollie plunge lingerie set in magenta to lay the groundwork for a fabulous get-up. And the great thing about Mollie is she comes in a range of colours, so whatever shade you feel will give you a dopamine hit on the day, go with that! 

Lindsey Halter-Neck Bodysuit

Want to confidently rock the underwear as outerwear trend? Pair the Lindsey halter-neck body in vivid green with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The bright gorgeous green of the lace bodysuit is sure to make you smile! 

Plunge Bras

Both the cerise Beckie bra and the Aliyah bra in pink make the perfect plunge bra for a low-cut top - reveal a glimpse of the year’s most trendy hue to make your fashion credentials known.

Annalise Plunge Bra

Don’t agree with the ‘feeling blue’ mindset? Us neither! The Annalise plunge bra in flamboyant turquoise and the cobalt Bouxtique saffie balconette bra certainly don’t look sad to us. 

Saffie Set

Of course, if none of these sets are bright enough for your tastes, you can always go for the neon coral Boux lounge contrast set. We love neon lingerie, so think it’s only right a set this bright will be the perfect piece when dopamine dressing!  

Neon Contrast Set

Delivering constructive criticism to a colleague? Letting a friend know they’ve got something in their eye? Not got time for a heart-to-heart with your mum? Sometimes, subtlety is key. Just not when it comes to your wardrobe. 

Be the brightly-dressed badass you want to see in the world. Risk your retinas everytime you pass a mirror - it keeps things interesting! Don the eye-catching, kaleidoscopic ‘fits of your dreams, because, well, YOLO. Ask yourself, am I the drama?

If the answer’s ‘no’, reach immediately for the brightest item you can lay your hands on. Psychedelic colour is here to stay, so dress your way into a new mood, a fresh outlook on life and cheer yourself up in the process. Shop Boux Avenue’s brightest matching sets today, and show us your pics over on Insta using #myboux!