What started as a fictional celebration between Leslie Knope and her girlfriends have become a mini-holiday, as more and more women are jumping on board the Galentine’s Day train to honour their female friendships.


Galentine’s Day, or the ‘best day of the year’ according to Leslie Knope, the main character in the US sitcom Parks and Rec who coined the term almost ten years ago, takes place on the 13th February. The idea was simple – take one day out of the year to celebrate all the beautiful, talented, brilliant and powerful friends in her life with wine and waffles. Since then, the tradition has caught on, and what started as a sitcom joke is now an annual feminist celebration.


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Gaga for Galentine’s Day


According to the latest search trend data, Valentine’s Day has certainly been on fewer people’s minds, as Google saw a shocking 55% dip in searches for the term since 2015. ‘Galentine’s Day’, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying its moment in the sun with a 400% increase in searches over the same period. Does this mean that more women are putting romance on the back burner in favour of platonic female relationships?


The Anti-Valentine?


No, not at all! In fact, Galentine’s Day is in no way meant to replace romance. Rather than taking place on 14th February, Galentine’s Day occurs the day before so that women with significant others can still have Vday fun while celebrating their girlfriends as well. This means you have the option to celebrate both holidays or just one. It’s a day where friends embrace each other and their achievements. If anything, just see it as an excuse to eat, drink and watch Pretty Woman!


Why Celebrate Galentine’s Day?


Female friendships play an important role in any woman’s life, although it has long been perceived as the side act to the main event – marriage, babies and killer careers. But it is your friendships that help you define your sense of self in the world. So, if you feel like your friends are not getting the appreciation they deserve, Galentine’s Day is a fun way to show some love and #celebrateyoursquad!


The Benefits of Galentine’s Day


Research has shown that, on average, people lose two close friends when they get into a relationship. But experts say that women are reaching out to each other more and that our friendships are just as important as the relationships we have with our romantic partners and our families.


Further research has found that those with stronger social relationships have a 50% chance of living a longer life than those who lived solitary lives- that’s right, friendships make you live longer!


From Competition to Companions


Whether you have known your girlfriends since pre-school, college or work, or made new friends along the way, women are turning to each other for comfort and support now more than ever.

Female friendships are stronger than ever, with women depending on each other for everything, from advice and secret-keeping to emotional support.


Celebrate Your Girl Squad!


So, are you interested in celebrating Galentine’s Day but not sure how to start? It’s simple – just gather up your closest girlfriends, get a load of food and drinks, and you’re good to go.


Some women give gifts, which is a great touch and will always be appreciated, but this is entirely optional. And we’re not talking extravagant gifts either. This can range from something special (maybe some cute lingerie) to something practical (a gown and slippers are a girl’s best friend). Celebrate your friendship with some old photos in a new frame, get your bestie a confidence-boosting self-help book or even a simple lunch together can do wonders. Anything that screams ‘I love you’ to your soul sisters will do the trick.


Other ways to embrace the day include going out dancing or doing a fun activity that you would never do under normal circumstances. The choices are endless. Just be sure to have fun, tell each other how awesome you all are and remember Leslie’s wise words: ‘Uteruses before Duderuses! Ovaries before Brovaries!”



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