Loungewear Guide

Loungewear this, loungewear that – we have all been firmly converted to lounge set lovers over the past three years. 

Whilst women’s loungewear has always been around in one iteration or another, it didn’t become such a central part of our wardrobes until the arrival of lockdown in 2020. Being forced to stay in our houses for what felt like an eternity, loungewear came to rescue us from days spent only wearing pyjamas and dressing gowns

Yes, loungewear was what saved us from ourselves in those dark months, encouraging comfort dressing, whilst giving us the opportunity to put an actual outfit on when we just couldn’t face wearing the same pj set again and again. 

If you thought of loungewear pre-2020, it’s likely it would have just been oversized tracksuits that were rarely worn out and about. But it’s thrust into stardom has ensured a stylish elevation that we simply can’t get enough of - even now.

But what exactly is loungewear nowadays? What are the loungewear trends we can expect? Discover the answers below…


Technically, loungewear falls somewhere between the nightwear and athleisure categories. Women’s loungewear used to be something that would only have been worn around the house. However, this is no longer the case and these old definitions of it don’t really apply. 

From chic tracksuits to velour joggers and seamless sets, the comfy clothing we know and love today is a staple part of our wardrobes that we love to it show off. Loungewear is fashionable, comfy and not going anywhere!


In 2022, we would define loungewear as being comfy clothes that you can wear on any occasion - whether you are going for brunch, a walk or to the office. The loungewear of today is perfectly acceptable to wear out of the house. 


Of course you can sleep in loungewear (you can sleep in anything you like, really). You could sleep in jeans if you really wanted to - though we wouldn’t advise it - they wouldn’t be the comfiest choice. 

Whilst you can sleep in loungewear as it ticks the comfy box and our warmest lounge sets will keep you nice and toasty in winter, we’d advise keeping your lounge sets as your daywear and stick to lovely pyjamas for sleeping in. 

Warm Loungewear

From short pyjamas to satin pyjamas and super warm fluffy pyjamas - we are sure you can find a set perfect for sleeping in, so you can save your fave hoodie for coffee runs! 


Like all things in life, women’s loungewear also follows trends. Whilst we still love an oversized cuffed jogger and hoodie, the boyfriend fit doesn’t dominate loungewear anymore. 

For fans of the jogger, the latest trend is a wide leg jogger. They are a super flattering fit and look amazing with a chunky trainer and cropped tank top!

Loungewear doesn't just come in classic sweat materials anymore! Velour loungewear has become very popular and we understand why - it is so, so luxe! As well as velour joggers dominating lounge trends, we are also seeing a lot of gorgeous, ribbed lounge styles

Velour Loungewear

And there has been a notable move away from purely oversized lounge ‘fits. In fact, sculpting and seamless loungewear is becoming one of the biggest trends of the moment! From seamless bodysuits to sculpting tops - loungewear is becoming sleek and a step towards shapewear whilst maintaining comfort!  

What do you think the next lounge trends will be? Have you been converted to wearing loungewear out and about? Share you fave lounge outfits with us on Insta using #myboux!