Staying in to look after the world and ourselves blog

Now this past week has been bonkers and I know that everyone is feeling a little lost, but as someone who works from home a lot, I have a few tips and tricks on how we can beat it. It’s so important to treat these next few weeks as not only a way to catch up on work and the boring stuff, but also a chance to recuperate and be kind to ourselves. I think what is going to be really key is sticking to a routine which gives your day structure and keeping it productive – but within that structure allow yourself to relax the rules a bit.

Tara’s top tips on working from home


Allow yourself extra pyjama time

Keeping your body clock going with a normal wake up time is important, but do give yourself a bit of extra time to ease into the day in your ‘jamas. Make a cuppa, take the time to digest the goings on in the world, make a list of what you want to do with the day and then get yourself washed and dressed and ready to face it. Which leads me onto…


Make a checklist of everything you want to do in the day

Whether you are still working during this time or not, making a list of things you want to do with your day can help you feel less overwhelmed, and ticking them off - no matter how menial - will give you a sense of satisfaction. Hoovering and laundry may be on the list but so is painting your nails and reading at least a chapter of your favourite book - balance!


Dress down but spruce up!

I see so many posts and articles at the moment saying “dress like you are still going to work” and I don’t know about you but my idea of absolute hell is sitting in work wear at my makeshift desk in my bedroom all day. I say allow yourself to work in comfies and loungewear as long as you do one thing that makes you feel like you made an effort. Some days that’s a whole face of makeup and blow dried hair, and other days that’s just putting on matching underwear and that’s ok! For me, the best of both worlds is my favourite ‘Lounge bra’ which gives me a little lift but is so comfortable that I forget I’m even wearing it.

Whatever you are spending these next few weeks inside, look after yourself and your loved ones, and give yourself a bit of slack – you don’t have to be superwoman everyday! Love, Tara x.