Warm dressing gowns. We love them, and not just for the winter season, either. A cosy fluffy dressing gown brings contentment and joy all year round - from loungewear chills to nights where you just need your fave pyjamas and a dressing gown hug, these pieces have got you.

It’s a wardrobe staple that craves a little consideration, a lot of care and a whole heap of winter wear! Whatever your pyjama set style, from short pyjamas to chemises, a cosy dressing gown is always the perfect partner. 


We’ll soon be hunting for our perfect winter dressing gown, so get ahead of the curve this year and nab the nicest new-ins before they’re gone!

But what to consider to ensure that your robe helps you revel in your very own winter wonderland, day after day?

- Material: Whether it’s fleece-like, fluffy, or velour vibes you’re keen on, know which fabric you’re fangirling. Need something that’s lightweight, dries quickly yet still scoops the snugness award? Fleece is the one. And if sumptuous, soft sensations and next-level warmth are key, a velour pick will see you through even the frostiest of seasons!

- Length: Short, midi, or long. Ideally, we’d all have one of each, but which do you need right now? Ice queen who gets cold easily? Opt for longer lengths for the cosiest coverage possible. Run hot at the best of times, or need a mini-style that lets you show off your number one nightwear look to the max? Stay short and sweet then, sweetheart!

- The hood: For some, they’re cumbersome additions that add bulk; for others, a non-negotiable dressing gown feature. For us? We cannot get enough of a cosy hooded dressing gown

- Lush lining: Double-lined is the don if truly toasty is the only temperature you’ll entertain. With this feature, you’ll likely save a few £££ in heating bills too.

All noted? Then it’s time to invest in the warm dressing gowns that serve you best…


Boux’s latest and greatest warm dressing gowns are already waiting for you. Yep, we’ve handpicked a selection that gives both comfort and wow factor their time to shine - ready for you to fall for them before, well, fall.

So whether you’re hunkering down or cosying up next season, get a (warm and fuzzy) feel for these top, toasty picks…

Let’s start with the fabulously feminine, because yes - it’s possible to feel this way, even when wrapped in the cosiest of robes. The Fluffy plush long dressing gown in light pink leads the way in lounging moments, with super soft material and the plush fur trim as standard. You’ll want to take the very best care of this one, so check out the Boux dressing gown care guide as soon as you place that order!

Take feminine and add a teeny bit more fun, with the Fluffy heart trim midi dressing gown. Still plush, still pink - but with a heart print trim and a slightly shorter length, it feels more playful - and looks the cutest when matched with the Tie-dye cross band slider slippers. We know, irresistible. 

What about some neutrals to ensure your new cosy dressing gown teams up a treat with your wardrobe’s current loungewear go-tos?

The Fluffy animal long dressing gown in neutral mix brings a subtle twist on animal print, with a muted design that’ll blend beautifully with all your fave PJ picks.  This year sees a new and improved fit make its debut, and we just know it’ll become a snow day staple in the Boux community in no time at all.

Love your goes-with-anything garb but prints not your thing? Shack up with bae in the Fluffy chevron midi dressing gown then, this time in silver. Thick, fluffy, with a chevron-cut fur fabric, what’s not to adore here? Like we said, short is for showing off, so team it with the cute-as-anything Dreamer frill tee and leggings set and dream away, dolls.

Not all gorgeous gowns have to be fluffy or furry, and the Leila ribbed robe is testament to that fact. This time, stunning stone-coloured neutrals look natural, chic and just a little bit special thanks to that fancy frill hem and its veritable versatility.

And versatile remains the vibe with the Fluffy stripe cut short dressing gown, too. It’s black, it’s indulgent and it’s original (hello, cut-stripe fur finish). Simply add the Ditsy frill satin cami set underneath and it won’t be just you who feels indulged come bedtime…

Cutesy queens, listen up. Our final top pick is for you. Just look at the Fluffy koala short dressing gown and tell us you’re not keen?! A super cute hood, pompom koala ears and a lavish fur trim too? The bleak midwinter won’t stand a chance against this fun, fabulous and flamboyant piece. Yay!

Know what you’re wearing this winter? Share your fave luxe loungewear looks and warm dressing gowns on Insta using #myboux !