Where are the most romantic towns in the UK?


Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means everyone is thinking about all the Valentine’s gifts they are going to buy. 

People buy Valentine’s gifts for themselves, for partners and even for their pals (can’t beat Galentine’s gifts). There is a whole lot of love and romance going round in the lead up to Valentine’s!

We wondered though, is everywhere in the UK equally as big on gifting Valentine’s lingerie and nightwear? So, we got our maths hats on and did some digging…


After a lot of number crunching, we have found which UK towns and cities are the biggest spenders on Valentine’s gifts per person...

Behold our list of the most romantic towns in the UK – the towns where people are spending the most on sexy lingerie and Valentine’s nightwear during Jan to mid-Feb.  

Whether the people in these towns are gifting themselves or a loved one, they are still proving themselves as romantics. After all, there is nothing more romantic than buying yourself a matching lingerie set to feel fabulous in. 

The Most Romantic Towns in the UK

Congratulations to Norwich, you were officially our most romantic town. Not just in 2021 either, but every year from 2018 Norwich has seen the biggest spend per capita! 

We wonder if the people of Norwich will top the list again this year? With Valentine’s lingerie as beautiful and sexy as the Kassia basque, we are sure they will be gifting themselves and their partners en-masse as usual. 

Kassia Basque Set

Don’t worry, though we don’t all need to flock to Norwich to get a bit of romance for V-Day! 

Another romantic city is Glasgow! Glaswegians are consistently on the ball when it comes to Valentine’s Day! 

Glasgow has finished in the top five of our most romantic towns list every year from 2018 – they just love their lingerie there. With pieces as fire as the Riona heart lingerie set in the sexiest red shade, how could the people of Glasgow not spend big this V-Day again?!

Riona Heart Set

Whilst London doesn’t appear in the top 10 of our most romantic towns lists, it is, of course, the biggest spending city. But when we run our calculations of per capita spending, we only see London as the 36th most romantic city…There are a LOT of people in London not gifting for V-Day!

Maybe when they see the beautiful Marnie Chemises and Robes or the Freida bodysuit they will increase the amount of Valentine’s spending in the capital. Everyone deserves to gift themselves some sexy new lingerie and make themselves feel extra fabulous this V-Day season. 

Marnie Nightwear & Freida Bodysuit

We also must give a shout-out to Nottingham, another consistently romantic town, featuring in our top-5 for the past three years. Nottingham gals are getting all the Valentine’s gifts. 

Will they be adding the Rachel longline lingerie set to their wish list this year? The longline bra would make the perfect going out top, as well as a dreamy piece of sexy lingerie. 

Rachel Longline Set

We can’t wait to see who makes our most romantic towns list for 2022. We are so in love with our V-Day collection this year and we know you will be too, so treat your partner or show yourself some self-love in one of our new pieces. Share your fave Valentine’s looks with us over on Insta using #myboux so we can show you even more love! 

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Data Methodology:

We compiled our index of the Most Romantic People in the UK by using Boux’s sales data from January to mid-February 2021 (specifically the lingerie and Valentine’s Day product categories) and dividing this by the population of each town or city (above 100,000 people). 
*A full breakdown of the data can be provided
**Data sources – Office for National Statistics Mid-Year Population Estimates, Boux Avenue sales data for Valentine’s & Lingerie purchases between January 1st and February 16th 2021