Worldwide Delivery...

Using our Global Shipping Partner Global-E, we now ship to over 200 destinations, in over 60 currencies and offer over 40 different payment methods depending on your shipping country. Please ensure you select your shipping country, this will ensure you pay for your order in the correct currency. You will be able to do this at any point of your browsing stage by using the country switcher at the top of the page


Our international delivery service means you can ship your order to the following countries via our fabulous shipping partner DHL. You can find our delivery destinations below which includes times and costs.



Australia Standard 6-12 days AU$10 AU$100
Australia Express
(Orders up to AU$100)
5-6 days AU$20
Australia Express
(Orders over AU$100)
5-6 days AU$15
Canada Standard 7-12 days CA$10 CA$100
Canada Express
(Orders up to CA$100)
3-4 days CA$20
Canada Express
(Orders over CA$100)
3-4 days CA$15
China Tracked 4 days ¥100 ¥400
China Express 3-4 days ¥150 ¥600
Czech Republic Standard 5-7 days €8 €50
Czech Republic Express
(Orders up to €70)
3-4 days €25 -
Czech Republic Express
(Orders over €70)
3-4 days €10 -
Denmark tracked 4-7 days DKr85 DKr400
Denmark Standard 5-6 days DKr110 DKr600
Denmark Express 3 days DKr186 -
Eurozone Standard 5-6 days €5 €50
Eurozone Express
(Orders up to €70)
3 days €25 -
Eurozone Express
(Orders over €70)
3 days €10 -
Germany Standard 5-6 days €7 €60
Germany Express
(Orders up to €100)
3 days €25 -
Germany Express
(Orders over €100)
3 days €10 -
Hong Kong Standard 6-12 days HK$100 HK$500
Hong Kong Express 4 days HK$150 HK$750
India 4-6 days ₹850 ₹4400
Ireland Standard 5-6 days €7 €60
Ireland Express
3 days €20 €100
Japan 4 days ¥3000 ¥7600
Kuwait Standard 6-10 days 6KWD 40KWD
Kuwait Express 4-5 days 8KWD -
Lithuania Standard 5-6 days €5 €50
Lithuania Express 3 days €25 €70
Netherlands Standard 5-6 days €7 €60
Netherlands Express 3 days €20 €100
Norway Standard 5-6 days NKr150 NKr500
Norway Express 3-4 days NKr200 NKr750
Qatar Standard 6-10 days 40QAR 650QAR
Qatar Express 4-5 days 80QAR -
Russia Tracked 3-6 days RUB1000 RUB4000
Russia Standard 7-9 days RUB1300 RUB6000
Sweden Tracked 4-7 days SKr75 SKr500
Sweden Standard 5-6 days SKr155 SKr750
Sweden Express
(Orders up to SKr750)
3 days SKr253 -
Sweden Express
(Orders over SKr750)
3 days SKr100 -
Switzerland Standard 5-6 days CHF10 CHF75
Switzerland Express 3 days CHF20 CHF200
United Arab Emirates Standard 6-10 days 30AED 450AED
United Arab Emirates Express
(Orders up to AED500)
4-5 days AED90
United Arab Emirates Express
(Orders over AED500)
4-5 days AED40
USA Standard 7-12 days USD$7 USD$50
USA Express 3-4 days USD$20 USD$100
Rest of World Standard 6-12 days €22.00 -
Rest of World Express
(Orders up to £60)
4-5 days €37.00 -
Rest of World Express
(Orders over £60)
4-5 days €15.00 -


We are partnered with Global-e, who are a third-party service acting as your seller-on-record, allowing us to ship to destinations all around the world. After completing your Boux Avenue purchase, you will notice that your payment method is charged by **Global-e// Boux Avenue**, and your purchase is subject to Global-e's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (which will be clearly presented in checkout before you place your order).

You can contact Global-e at 154 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5AB, United Kingdom.


Tracking international deliveries

If you have placed an order for delivery outside of the UK, you can track the progress of your order here.



If you need to return your order, you have 28 days to return your items for a full refund using our returns portal. All we ask is that the item is unworn, with your receipt and includes the original tags and packaging. We cannot currently offer an exchange service on international orders, however we do offer a free return shipping service to the following countries:

  • United States of America

Please note, we do not cover the cost of return shipping for any other international countries. Shipping costs vary by location, but we take the hard work out for you and calculate this within the returns portal. If you would like a different size or colour, simply return your unwanted items and place a new order.


Import taxes and duty

All orders shipped to USA, Canada and New Zealand have any import duties and taxes paid for. Deliveries to Europe are not applicable for import duty and taxes. Orders delivered to the rest of the world where duty is applicable can choose to pay duty at the checkout or upon receipt of the order.

Please note any shipping costs, taxes and/or duty applicable to your order are non-refundable.


Customer services

If you have any questions about your international order or return, please visit the help center.