Whilst many of us embraced the no bra life during the pandemic, we have all been wearing our fave bras on the reg again since finally returning to normality.

From reaching for stick on bras and strapless bras to wear with our fave going out tops, to finding a new fave bra like the Mollie plunge to support us on the daily – bras are well and truly back to being a well-worn item.

Rightfully looking for support from our bras again means it is as important as ever to ensure you are wearing the right bra size. It’s very likely you may be wearing the wrong one if you haven’t had a fitting in a while!

Wearing the wrong bra size is a big no no for many reasons, from it just being plain uncomfortable and not looking great, to not supporting your gals properly!

Think you don’t need a fitting after the first one you had when you were young? Think again! You are going to be shocked at how many of us are walking around in wrong fitting bras…


A massive 81% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! If you’re thinking ‘eugh, I hate wearing a bra’ - this may be the reason! 

You might have thought the biggest issue would be women wearing bras that are too small for them, but we actually found that wearing cup sizes too big is far more common.

We would be going braless too if the bras we kept going for had gaping cups - no thank you!

Luckily, we love our lingerie and ensure we are wearing the right bra size in every style we own, from plunge bras to t-shirt bras - everything fits as it should thanks to regular fittings!


You should have a bra fitting every 6-12 months to ensure you are wearing the right fit and style for your bust!

Around 7,300 people search Google for ‘Bra Fitting’ and ‘Bra Fitting Near Me’ on average each month! So at least we know there are a lot of you who already know booking a fitting is key! 

In fact an average of 880 of you a month are searching for specifically Boux Avenue Bra Fittings, good taste ladies. 

Bra fitting searches reached their highest point in five years in April and August 2021, according to Google Trends. 

So, we better be seeing another surge in 6-12 months' time when you are all booking your next fitting! 

When it comes to bra fittings, we do advise booking with a professional for the best results. 

well as being able to accurately measure you, they will also be able to advise you of the best bra style to complement your bust! 

Booking a bra fitting with our in-store experts couldn’t be easier thanks to our handy bra fit booking tool too!

However, if you don’t feel like heading to a store for a fitting, we have made a very handy guide for how to measure bra size yourself! You’ll be a measuring expert in no time! 

Why Do Bra Sizes Change?

Just like with your clothing, your bra size can change frequently too, which is why it’s important to get measured so often. But why do bra sizes change?

Some of the most common reasons for a change in bra size include:

   Weight loss or gain – gaining or losing just a few pounds can have an impact on your bra size as your bust is made from fat tissue, so it’s important to get measured with any significant changes in weight.

  Hormones – your bust can change size throughout your cycle due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone. Whilst we’re not suggesting you get measured every month, it might be worth having a time of the month bra for when your bust is feeling extra-full. 

   Age – your age can have a huge impact on your appearance. Grey hairs and fine lines would be the most obvious changes, but your bust can change with age too – especially when you’re nearing menopause. Might be a scary thought, but defo one to think about… 

   Exercise – if you’ve just started out on a new fitness regime, you might be surprised to see changes in your bust! Exercises that work your chest and back can have an impact on your bra size, so defo get fitted once you start seeing those gains.

   Birth control – it’s no secret that hormonal birth control can have an impact on your bra size! Many women notice that their bust increases in size when starting on a new type of birth control, so it’s always worth getting measured when you make any changes.

So whether you’re obsessed with super-comfy bralettes, or you like to undress to impress in silhouette-boosting padded bras, getting the fit right is key to comfort, shape and – most importantly – boob health! You want to look after your assets, girl!

Trust us, you will fall in love with lingerie all over again once you suss out the right size for you. So, book yourself an expert bra fitting at your nearest Boux Avenue store to discover how great bras are when they actually fit properly!

Whilst you're in store for a fitting we are sure you will treat yourselves to some new bras too – share your fave picks with us over on Insta using #myboux so we can show you some love!