How Should a Bikini Fit? Swimwear tips from Boux Avenue


We all want to feel fabulous when we slip into a bikini and head out to the beach or swimming pool. But struggling to find the right fit can put a dampener on your summer fun. How should a bikini fit, and how do you know if the fit is right for your body type? Here are some insider secrets from Boux Avenue, to make sure your summer look sizzles:

Swimwear Should Fit Like Lingerie

When you choose your underwear, you make sure you’re getting a fit that feels good, looks cute and gives you plenty of support. Why shouldn’t you hold your bikini to the same standards? Just like your underwear or lingerie, your swimwear shouldn’t squish and squeeze where you don’t want it to. 

This is an especially useful rule to remember when choosing your bikini top and finding the right cup size. Check out our post about finding the right bra size, and use this to guide you when choosing your bikini too. 

Boux Avenue on how a bikini should fit for the most comfort


Bikini Tops Should Give You Tip-Top Support

The top half of your bikini should give you lift and support without squashing - just like a good bra would do. Avoid flimsy materials and look for a quality top that will give you support season after season. Whether you choose a simple triangle cup or a more sturdy underwired design, here are some tips for your bikini top:

If the straps fall off easily, adjust them to fit more snugly. 

If the straps dig into your shoulders and back, you may need to go up a size.

If you wear a halter bikini top that’s hurting your neck, it’s either too small or tied too tightly.

For help on finding the perfect bra size, visit your nearest Boux store for expert help from a professional bra fitting expert. 


Swimwear should fit like lingerie for the best fit

Make the Most of Your Summer Fun

It’s also a good idea to think about the kind of activities you’re going to be getting up to when you wear your new bikini. If you’re planning on a lazy day of sunbathing and maybe a quick dip, you can get away with something skimpier. If you’re planning to be more active, enjoying a game of beach volleyball or a spin on a jet-ski, choose something with higher support and better coverage so you can move with confidence.     

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