Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Did you also know that you should have a bra fitting every 6 months? You'd be surprised by how often your body changes! Why not visit your nearest Boux Avenue store for a complimentary expert bra fitting from one of our City & Guilds accredited bra fitters.


Myth 1

You have to take your bra off to have a bra fit


Wrong! You actually leave your bra on and one of our expert bra fitters will measure around your underband and check key features of the bra to find your size.


Myth 2

Every style suits every woman

Wrong! There are many factors that affect the fit of a bra, such as the style of the bra, the fabric and most importantly your bust shape! A bra in the right size but the wrong style may not fit correctly.




Myth 3

Your bra support comes from the straps


Wrong! In fact most of your support comes from the underband, so it is important that this is the correct size to give you support!


Myth 4

If your bra is rising up at the back, it is too small

Wrong! This actually means that it is too big as it is not tight enough to stay straight around your back.


Myth 5


Women WEAR the same size bra their entire lives

Wrong! It is recommended to have a bra fit every 6 months as your body changes often, and so will your bra size!


Boux Avenue offer expert bra fittings in-store where fit, style, shape and customer preference are considered. It is recommended to have a bra fit every 6 months... if you haven't been fitted for a while (or ever) come visit us in-store for an expert fit!






Love Miss B x