The Boux Avenue story

The Boux Avenue story is a teasing transatlantic tale born out of a love for lingerie and all things romantic.

From stylish London to glamorous New York, inspiration to shape a beautiful new lingerie brand took hold, and the creation of Boux Avenue began to slowly unveil…

Boux Avenue’s voluptuously vintage name came from a chance meeting with a dazzling French girl named Boux. Embracing elegance and beauty with a whispering, seductive sound, the name ‘Boux’ became nestled in our heads and hugged our hearts.

It was a flash of inspiration during a trip to the Big Apple that the ‘Avenue’ was fashioned. We had the glamorous name, but not the enticing haven - so ‘Avenue’ was cast as the perfect end to our rather fabulous name.

So step into the wonderful world of Boux Avenue - come and fall in love with us.